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We’re entering into July now and with that starts the official countdown until Otakon. Now this year isn’t shaping up to be that exciting guest wise for me (here’s hoping for more announcements soon), but that won’t stop me from preparing super early. With that being said July’s coord is inspired by the theme for this year’s tea party. I can’t go, but I’m super excited to see all of the lovely coords everyone comes up with. See ya in August!

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I ♥ mustache by *TatianaB* on Flickr.


Pippa is a Leeke Edgar head on Loongsoul body

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Because, Butterscotch.
[Butterscotch: Dollmore, Zinna]

Under the cut you will find some pick up lines. Personally, I love to be that strange anon, in roleplays and send some people some funny yet strange pick up lines. But for your purpose, you can use them as, starters, if you have a character who can’t really get a girl or guy, or just to lighten up the dash and send some funny anons. This will be perfect for you. I hope everyone enjoys this masterlist!
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My Writers Masterlist


Work in progress. Still adding to the list. I’ll re-post and delete this one once it’s gotten considerably bigger. For now, here you are.


  1. OneLook Reverse Dictionary *
  2. Online Etymology Dictionary
  3. Ten rules for writing fiction
  4. 45 Ways to Avoid Using the word “Very”

Zoe Makes a Masterlist of: Headcanon Questions to Ask Your Characters.
Under the cut are a list of questions I’ve collected from across the internet and have discovered over many guides that are used as headcanon question to ask characters whether they may be yours or others. This masterlist will be updated periodically.

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